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Make More Money From Home

Make More Money From Home

If you want to work from home, this is the best time to start. Whether you want to be employed and work from home or work for yourself, there is a lot of work from home options available right now.

Regardless of what option you choose, bear in mind that you need to work hard to achieve financial success. There are no legitimate get-rich-quick schemes out there. You need to invest your time and effort to work for your own success.



Here are some ideas to make money from home.

Blogging & Affiliate Marketing

Do you enjoy writing? Are you passionate about a topic, event, or cause? There are a lot of platforms out there that you can use to create your own beautiful blog. You might say “I have no idea how to start a blog or create my website.”. There are a lot of tutorials out there to help you start.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate as a free member and with their lessons, I was able to create a free website and start my blog. Just by joining as a free member, you can start creating and maintaining two free websites.

Wealthy Affiliate also has premium membership if you want to pursue blogging as your main source of income. By becoming a premium member, you get access to comprehensive training, support from the entire community, as well as start and maintain up to 25 websites at a minimal cost. Here is a graph that shows how you can make money by blogging.

Sell on Amazon, EBay or Etsy

Another way of creating an income stream is by selling on Amazon and EBay. Even Amazon sells a lot of books on how to successfully start your own Amazon Seller Account and build your business. We are seeing brick and mortar stores closing and moving to an online medium. Amazon is a giant when it comes to online shopping and they just keep on getting better. You can take advantage of Amazon’s reach to millions of buyers in North America. Signing up for a seller account enables you to sell in Canada, the USA, and Mexico.  My post about “How to Sell Online with Amazon” gives you steps on how to open a seller account in Amazon.

You can easily scale your business by accessing Fulfillment by Amazon. You can send your products to Amazon and they will pack and ship products to your customers, as well as take care of the customer service and returns.

If you are an artist and very creative, you can sell your artisan products in Etsy. Creating an account is very easy and it only costs $0.20 to list your item in the marketplace. Once your item is sold, there is a 5% transaction fee on your selling price.  There are multiple books available on Amazon as well on how to start your Etsy store.  I have created a post on “How to Sell on Etsy” which guides you on how to register with Etsy.com and start your seller account.


Dropshipping is another business model that you can get into with a minimal start-up. You can use your marketing skills in running your E-commerce website operating a dropshipping model. Your website will sell products from a third-party supplier, and they will fulfill the orders for you. You do not maintain inventory, hence no need to invest in buying and maintaining your products.

In a simple description, this is how dropshipping works: You sell products on your website. When a customer buys from you, you forward the order to your supplier. Then the supplier will ship the product to your customer and you keep a profit for yourself.



Offer Your Services or Knowledge

There are a lot of jobs that you can turn into self-employment. You can offer bookkeeping services, or be a virtual assistant, or an online travel agent. Look into yourself and ask: “What am I good at?” Are you a health buff or into a plant-based diet? Can you prepare dishes for people who want to eat healthily but do not know or have the time to go for it? Are you a handyman? All these services you can offer and list in Craigslist or your local ad.

You can also learn to become a transcriptionist. There are tons of websites that teach you to become one. You can choose to either become a general or legal transcriptionist.

If you enjoy writing, you can also offer your skills to companies looking for virtual writers and get paid anywhere from $20 to $65 per hour. You can create general content, blogging, copywriting, or social media articles and get paid for them.


No matter what your talent is, there is always something you can pursue in order to make a living out of it. And whatever it is, you need to put your heart and soul into achieving your success. You need to figure out what niche you are going to pursue. There is always the potential for earning in every single niche you can think of.


Butch Posted on3:51 am - January 26, 2020

Informative, easy to navigate, I was approached recently with a Drop shipping opportunity and knew nothing about, I now know

    Leslie Posted on5:40 am - January 26, 2020

    I am glad I could give some information for you. I will be writing more about dropshipping opportunities.

JRandZen Posted on12:27 am - January 27, 2020

Working from home and earning income are very attractive propositions. And one of the most popular mechanisms to achieve this is through an online or digital business.

Internet has enabled everyone to establish and manage an online business from home. We do agree with you, though that one has to be prepared to spend necessary time, effort, patience and dedication – there is no get-rich-quick formula.

Thank you for outlining a number of ideas and models that can be pursued to make money from home.

    Leslie Posted on1:18 am - January 27, 2020

    You are welcome. There are a lot of opportunities to work from home but it takes hard work and dedication. Good luck on your journey.

Anne Posted on9:35 pm - January 28, 2020

I’ve looked into drop shipping before. There’s a lot that goes into that. One couple on YT talked about having to find a supplier in China and then co-ordinating the shipping. Although, it does have good profit margins, there’s just too much risk for me.

    Leslie Posted on3:22 am - January 29, 2020

    There is so much to learn with dropshipping. That was my reason for my initial hesitation: how to look for suppliers and make sure the products are of high quality. There are drop shippers that get the supplies locally that have better quality too.

Sylvia Guillemette Posted on12:49 am - January 29, 2020

Thanks Leslie! You gave me a great idea on how to market what I know. I bookmarked this page as a reminder!

I really want to learn all I can about Dropshipping and Etsy. I’m still in the learning curve with Amazon. It’ll all work out in the end.

    Leslie Posted on3:20 am - January 29, 2020

    You are welcome, Sylvia. Learning the process in Amazon, Etsy and Dropshipping can be beneficial and provide for a full-time income. Best of luck to you.

Shaun Posted on10:07 am - January 29, 2020

Hi Leslie,
Enjoyed reading you post, opened up so many opportunities of earning from Web page ideas.
Nicely presented and professional.
I do have an interest in Drop shipping for future income

    Leslie Posted on2:38 pm - January 31, 2020

    Thanks for your comment. Drop shipping can be a good business since you don’t have to put in a lot of capital for your inventory. Best of luck to you.

Carole Posted on6:49 pm - January 29, 2020

Hi Leslie, I hear a lot about wealthy affiliate and their free membership. When they say free membership is it like a 14 days free trial and then they charge your credit card?

    Leslie Posted on2:46 pm - January 31, 2020

    Wealthy Affiliate offers free membership without your credit card information and they give you access to 10 lessons and you can have your two free websites. Within seven days they will give you an option to upgrade to Premium membership for $19 for the first month. It is up to you when you will upgrade. You can stay as a free member until you finish all the lessons, and learning depends on your own timeline.

Jeff Posted on8:08 pm - January 29, 2020

I am happy to hear Wealthy Affiliate provides a free starter membership so people can see if it is right for them, and I was wondering what is the cost to start an affiliate marketing business compared to a dropshipping business?


    Leslie Posted on2:50 pm - January 31, 2020

    Hi Jeff, you can start with a free account for both dropshipping and affiliate marketing business. They both come with minimal cost because you don’t carry inventory. The cost to maintain your business will depend on you – do you want to outsource your web design, bookkeeping, accounting, advertisement, etc. Best of luck to your choice and wishing you success.

EcoCatherine Posted on4:55 pm - February 1, 2020

I am an affiliate marketter but this article just inspired my next website. Thank you so much for the suggestion.

EcoCatherine Posted on4:56 pm - February 1, 2020

Sorry me again. I have a quick question for you. Do you know what Amazon chages to handle the shipping of your products. It is affordable and will you still have good profit margins?

    Leslie Posted on3:24 am - February 2, 2020

    Amazon gives discounted shipping to send products to them. The cost really depends on the box dimension and weight but is way cheaper than the regular shipping charge.

Angella Jonga Posted on3:02 pm - February 10, 2020

I would like to know more about selling on Amazon. Excellent article I am glad I came across this. Thank you so much for taking your time.

    Leslie Posted on11:16 pm - February 10, 2020

    Thanks for your comment Angella. I will have additional articles regarding how to achieve success on Amazon.

Jasmere Posted on3:04 pm - February 10, 2020

I personally liked the diagram on drop shipping as I had heard of it but wasn’t sure what it was until now. Glad you explained in a way that was really easy to understand. But this is definitely an awesome article as it shows there’s a lot of ways for a blog to be successful.

    Leslie Posted on11:17 pm - February 10, 2020

    Thanks for dropping by, Jasmere. I am glad to hear that you like the diagram on drop shipping.

Thabo Khoza Posted on6:38 pm - February 10, 2020

Great article for making money from home and of all the options my number 1 is affiliate marketing because you create something which will last forever.

    Leslie Posted on11:59 pm - February 10, 2020

    I agree. What you create now will still be able to generate income for you in the years to come.

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